Netlodge 2.0

The Netflix for startups, reinvented with a personal touch

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I'm on it. Expect something soon 😄
I was waiting for the comeback. Glad to see the upgraded site
@cobionecanobi Thank you! We'll love to see you on our platform as well.
Netlodge is back with an amazing upgrade and I would like to thank the community for giving me another opportunity to bring a great platform for the PH community, I’m a teen, I develop and I am a full time entrepreneur. I’m very excited to say that Netlodge’s 2 year anniversary is April 1st. We’re dropping our newest and most incredible update: 2.0. I started Netlodge in 2014, wanting to changing the way startups get exposure, not paying thousands in marketing expenses, but simply sharing their content through our platform. Netlodge brings fully curated exclusive videos, articles and podcasts from startups we partnered with and that are on our platform. Everyday we will be featuring 15-20 exclusive startup videos, fireside chats and much more every day. As of right now, we are opening up free registration, after a period time some videos will be subscription based, meaning that you have to be a subscriber on Netlodge (Paying only $7) to have access to exclusive videos. Anyways, our platform is ready to be used and exposed to the PH community, if you have any questions please feel free to comment. Thanks so much (: Yan Gorshtenin, Founder.
@s_craper looks great Yan! We would love to get featured me know how to apply 😄
@thomas_hill I'll Since we just published our new platform yesterday we are starting to submit manually, please just email me, with your content and a description. I'll get back to you asap.
@s_craper amazing, will do Yan thanks
@thomas_hill Haven't received anything yet ;)