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I read "Netflix for Startups" and instantly assumed I'd pay $x / month for use of various startup services. That would be cool!! :-)
@danielkempe Right?! There is no money involved, we are just trying to offer you an awesome experience!
While there’s so much information available online today, the process of weeding through it can be time consuming and daunting for entrepreneurs. That’s where we come in. Our team of professional curators will bring their expertise and “handicraft” to selecting unique, high quality content of startups and business related news, so that you can spend less time searching and more time enriching your mind. The team at Netlodge developed a premium startup content database with over 20,000+ videos, which contains high quality entrepreneur and business guidebooks from startups and founders all around the world shared all on Netlodge.
@s_craper This is good. Really helpful for entrepreneurs. Does the views counter always start with 3000? ;)
@philipsajeesh @s_craper Haha, was about to point out the same ;). Nice product though.
@jhondel @s_craper Yes i advice the maker to change for a randomly number instead... :-) funny 3000 bytheway
@s_craper I see an oxymoron in "professional curators" and "20,000+ videos".
@jhondel Glad you like it!
Where is the chill?
@eriktorenberg ha ha. No chill, just startup lessons there ;)
Way to go Yan! He's 15 and doing big things! Netlodge is awesome!
@mrnolanthompson Thank you Nolan!
@s_craper are these meant to be curated videos for startups/founders etc? I'd assume they would involve Pando talks/TED talks/Lean startup talks/talks from notable people in tech etc... Although I see some of that - a lot of the videos I see at the top are just news (not directly related to startups)?
@bentossell We mix up the videos, starting Saturday it will be all startup/tech related videos for 1-2 weeks, news has been posted due to us have over 15,000 startup and tech videos already.
@s_craper ok so not really startup focused if you are showing all other videos then? Seems misleading... I'd recommend focusing on the startup sector if thats what the initial goal was
@bentossell no it's all startup based it was just for this week because of what's happening around the world.. No worries though it is all startup based and the news ended today.