Netflix Remote Control for Mac

Control Netflix on your Mac using your iOS device

#3 Product of the DayAugust 26, 2017

Control Netflix on your Mac. Launch default browser with Netflix website, and use app controls to control the playback, use in app trackpad & keyboard to easily navigate between your favorite shows and movies.

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Great idea. Would be lovely to see larger buttons and slicker design.
@escapehatchco I guess you have a point about bigger buttons, slicker design ... I guess I will have to find someone up for the job :)
@escapehatchco @cherpake let me know if you'd like help with design. I'm a product designer from India and I can help out.
Great stuff!! Are you planning to make it for Windows 10 users ,would love this !!
@ayush_chandra Yeah, maybe some day but I left Windows development some time ago, so I'm very rusty...
are you using Multipeer Connectivity?
@sumitobroi Hi, no I actually use Bonjour and WiFi.
Does it work no matter where you're watching Netflix?(TV, laptop...)
@joselfgaray Only works with Mac computers
Is this official Netflix app?
@robert_melkonyan Nope, its not official, but it works :)