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#1 Product of the MonthNovember 2016
  • Jan
    JanWorking with PHP, HTML, CSS & MySQL

    All the movies and all the series


    Pay for the service

    Sometimes I don't have Internet, in my mobile and on my tablet I have the Netflix app, and I can watch the episodes that i want, only with one button. All the people need an account of Netflix.

  • Pros: 

    I love the capabilities of being able to download and play later... great product find!


    It isn't available to all shows or movies... just yet :)

    This product is useful in instances that I don't have time to play video at home to where I can download the video and play while I am on a plane or in a vehicle getting to work.

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Niv Dror
Niv DrorHunterHiring@nivo0o0 · VC at Shrug Capital
Netflix Board Meeting Minutes: 2006: Should we launch video streaming? 🤔 2007: We successfully launched video streaming ✅ 2008: Should we enable offline viewing? 🤔 2009: We should enable offline viewing ❌ 2010: We should enable offline viewing... ❌ 2011: Our customers want offline viewing ❌ 2012: Our customers really want offline viewing ❌ 2013: Offline viewing? ❌ 2014: We should enable offline viewing. ❌ 2015: Thoughts on offline viewing? ❌ 2016: *Adds offline viewing* ✅
Andrey Yanovskiy
Andrey Yanovskiy@andreyyanovskiy · Designer
@nivo0o0 I think it's because it's hard to stream 4K video :)
Rene Pot
Rene Pot@wraldpyk · Developer Evangelist @ Appcelerator
@andreyyanovskiy @nivo0o0 pretty sure competition forced them. Streaming or downloading requires the same amount of bandwith
@andreyyanovskiy @nivo0o0 Well, I don't think a lot of 4k videos will fit into an iDevice
Andrey Yanovskiy
Andrey Yanovskiy@andreyyanovskiy · Designer
@iduuck @nivo0o0 oh, so it's for iOS/Android... then it's much simpler — download at home over WiFi — watch on a commute
Frad Lee
Frad Lee@fradser
@andreyyanovskiy @nivo0o0 iPhone 7 Plus 1080p 😂
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Probably the most useful update to Netflix since they introduced online streaming. Tangent: What shows/movies are people watching? I'm enjoy Black Mirror (related), Tallulah with Ellen Page is great, and Demetri Martin's standup special is hilarious. Oh, and I recently re-watched Heavyweights. It holds up. 😊
Steph Garrett
Steph Garrett@ongarrett · Founder, Product,
@rrhoover Chewing Gum, Black Mirror, The Crown is lit, Chef's Table, and Lovesick
Jason Hart
Jason Hart@dcdjason
@rrhoover +1 for Black Mirror. Nacros is pretty amazing as well.
Wouter van Lent
Wouter van Lent@woutervanlent · Founder
@rrhoover Designated Survivor is my latest discovery!
Thomas Dunn
Thomas Dunn@thomasdunnuk · Customer dev + UX research @Buffer
@rrhoover Just finished season 1 of Hannibal. Dark dark stuff and very addictive
Ali Afridi
Ali Afridi@alikafridi · Building Products
@rrhoover Black Mirror, Narcos, and I've started to watch through the old Top Gear. Good stuff.
Jack Dweck
Jack Dweck@jackdweck · Product Manager at Unroll.Me
Brb, currently downloading all of Black Mirror
Stanley Idesis
Stanley Idesis@sisedi · Developer, Consultant, and Teen Idol
👴: back in my day you had to be online to stream your Netflix! 👶: What's Netflix, grandpa?
Vamsi Varanasi
Vamsi Varanasi@vamsikvaranasi · Product Manager @ Ola Cabs
@sisedi Unlikely. Even today, no one asks "What's Coca Cola grandpa?"
Stanley Idesis
Stanley Idesis@sisedi · Developer, Consultant, and Teen Idol
@vamsikvaranasi after 10 years of business you're ready to say Netflix is a guaranteed 100 year brand? Ballsy ;D
Vamsi Varanasi
Vamsi Varanasi@vamsikvaranasi · Product Manager @ Ola Cabs
@sisedi Ha ha, point taken. Netflix might go the way of Blockbuster... but if they play their cards right, there's not reason they won't stick around.
Stanley Idesis
Stanley Idesis@sisedi · Developer, Consultant, and Teen Idol
@vamsikvaranasi they do have an incredible advantage though unlike tech, the beverage world is hard to disrupt at this point. I wonder if it's possible 🤔
Vamsi Varanasi
Vamsi Varanasi@vamsikvaranasi · Product Manager @ Ola Cabs
@sisedi With blockbuster vs netflix, netflix filled a need of the consumer to get movies without hassle and in a convenient medium. I don't see a replacement for streaming, like ever. Unless we get movies that we can "experience", I mean actually live them, and somehow Netflix misses that train, I don't see it being disrupted so easily. Coke always filled our need for fattening sugar water :D We'll always crave fattening sugar water, but Coke sells us excuses for drinking it more than the water itself.
Neeraj Thakur
Neeraj Thakur@neerajt4 · Marketer |