Netflix Classic

A chrome extension to fix the Netflix online experience

Harken back to the glory days of with no more weird hover states, autoplaying videos, and annoying Who's Watching prompts.

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1 Review5.0/5
Hey product hunters! I've been pretty frustrated by Netflix autoplaying videos unexpectedly, adding crazy hover effects to preview videos, and asking Who's Watching all the time. So I made a chrome extension to get rid of all of that stuff. Let me know what you think!
Finally. Thanks for making this!
@drewbkoch Hi, thanks for this ! Can you tell me if it hides the "skip intro" button, and more important: does it prevent the end credits to be shrinked into a small window ?
@rom1 No, but I'll add it to the list! Thanks for the suggestions
@drewbkoch how do i get this to work on my tv though? :-/
Is the source code "open source"? would love to make some contributions with other features
Best thing since sliced bread. Save my sanity.