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Unlock Netflix hidden categories with this Chrome Extension

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Hello product hunters! πŸ˜ƒ This Chrome extension helps to easily access hidden categories on Netflix. I recently found from a previous post on PH that there are many hidden categories on Netflix of which only a few are directly accessible. I tried to find a browser extension for this but could not find a good one which is free as well as ad-free. So here you go! πŸ˜ƒ You can search for categories and also add to favorites for easy access. Would like to hear your feedback. Thanks.
@adeekshith This is awesome, thank you!
@kleneway Thank you! πŸ˜€
@adeekshith This is rad, so many to choose from! Curious about why you went with the toolbar icon approach instead of providing an interface inside Netflix itself (like Super Browse).
@stedman_rh That was a deliberate decision. I strongly dislike extensions interfering with the actual website unless necessary. When Netflix changes their interface, the extension can break and in worse case can break Netflix itself on the user's end. Every small change made by Netflix will also require the extension developer to test the it and update it for the new interface, potentially annoying many users in the mean time. So I believe making it a toolbar popup is a better way to go as it does not mess up with Netflix's interface.
@adeekshith all valid reasons. Thanks for sharing your reasoning.
Just so I am clear, this is basically a group of links to the relevant /genre/ codes, correct? Very neat and handy, since remembering those codes has been a nightmare haha.
Great job, this is very effective. What are some features you'd want to add to this?
@leftearpod Thank you Jake! Glad you liked it.πŸ˜ƒ Other than the UX improvements, one feature that is coming next is the "Surprise me" button which opens a random category that the user has'nt visited. Another feature that I am thinking of is to collect new categories from Netflix as users browse and submit them (only with explicit user permission) which will be synced to all other users after verification.