Replace venture capital with community capital

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We started Netcapital to help entrepreneurs and investors be more efficient in the way they engage and transact. We have a few deals for you to check out if you want to try investing, and are actively looking for new companies to become issuers and raise capital from their community of friends, family, followers, and fans. So Product Hunters, go ahead and try it - if you have any suggestions, feedback, or cool feature requests please let us know :D Happy to answer any questions anyone has.
Cool product + great team!
It will be interesting to see how this will scale in the future. Neat product!
There's a lot of "may" and "might" on the home page. Do you already have dealflow? Why the couching? Just curious Also for those of those who haven't heard of Netcapital yet, how is it different than Wefunder and FundersClub?
@thetylerhayes thanks for the comment. The may's and might's help keep us all safe from a legal perspective. Of course we are always working to improve our website and the way we communicate. Although we "might" look similar to other companies in our space now, we "may" appear to have very different road maps moving forward. :)
very interesting indeed