Network monitoring from the user perspective

NetBeez is a real-time network performance monitoring solution that detects network and application problems before users do. The platform uses small hardware sensors, like the Raspberry Pi, or virtual agents to monitor LAN and WiFi networks. NetBeez enables network administrators to quickly detect, troubleshoot, and repair network problems.

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Panos here - cofounder of NetBeez. We started NetBeez because we were not able to detect who and where are the users experiencing network problems. When the Raspberry Pi came out we immediately saw the perfect platform to use for our monitoring agent. And we decided to build the tool that would capture the end-user experience on wide area networks. The low cost of the Raspberry Pi enabled us to build a tool that can scale to dozens and hundreds of locations without costing an arm and a leg. NetBeez does both wired and wireless monitoring. You can try it for free here:
Very cool product! This is a huge issue for HA/Mission Critical environments where there is risk of split brain, other loss of sync problems.