Netbeast API

An IoT development platform

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From other platforms that I've used some were even more mature when comes to connecting devices. However in Netbeast the resources employed to connect them can be extended through plugins and reused by other developers. So in such a crowded space you can integrate many people's work through that mechanism in order to make them work together. Yeah, this includes protocols and interfaces such as IoTivity, Allseen Allience, Homekit, Openhub... I am working daily with Netbeast for this and try to stay up to date with many many projects on the both open source communities and to integrate APIs and protocols, so developers won't have to deal anymore with device interfaces; And if they do they can publish their job to the community.
Looks like an easy to use platform. From reading the documentation I get the feeling it is targeted towards home automation.
Struggling to see the real incentive to build on this. Obviously such a crowded space... Where's the differentiation?