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Hi - I'm one of the makers of Nestor -- AMA.
@iamclovin is this AI or human or both?
@iamclovin This is super cool! It would be interesting to see what can be done with encryption on Slack using Keybase(
@fredsoneya AI for now.
@iamclovin does the uber integration work in India? How do I set my base address as India. It's picking up Chicago since I set up my team address to be Chicago.
@goelv right -- right now address setting is team-wide. Working on adding it on an individual level. Apologies for the trouble.
So what does this product do?
@ilankasan Hi Nestor is a Slack bot that acts as an intelligent assistant for your team. It manages your calendar, calls Ubers for you, recommends restaurants, tells you how much money your company makes and much more. Check out what it can do here:
@iamclovin @ilankasan This is awesome! Can't wait for what you are going to integrate next. Do check out @roomino (which focuses on one task only - easily book hotel rooms via slack)
This is amazing. Waiting for it to came up online to test it, but the idea looks great. Would it be possible to have an API we can use to add more stuff to it?
@yaraher thanks Alvaro! We've been slammed with sign ups, so please email us at and I'll try and move you up the queue. Re: API, yes definitely it's something that is on the roadmap -- cos we can't possibly build all the integrations in the world. For now, the focus is on solidifying and strengthening the core.
Love this! Just waiting for it to come online...
"We are limiting Nestor deploys due to overwhelming demand Nestor will be appearing in your Slack very soon. In the mean time, please join the Nestor Slack Room to start asking Nestor stuff." I was thrilled, and then bummer :(
@jpvalery apologies nestor should start appearing very soon -- please email me and I can make sure you're right up there on the queue.
@iamclovin @jpvalery I have total faith in your queue system :)