Manage your rental properties for free using pro tools

When it comes to managing rental properties, all landlords should have access to the tech and resources that pro landlords use. NestEgg is a free app that simply resolves maintenance issues using our contractor marketplace at negotiated rates, while automating day-to-day tasks such as rent collection and important notifications. Try us out today!

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Looks great! One thought would be to integrate or have the ability to add application and screening abilities also. This way it would be a one stop shop for landlords.
@pmlonglamoureux Thanks for checking us out, Preston! That's a great suggestion. Traditional property managers typically charge one months' rent for getting your unit occupied, which we think is crazy. We're working on a no-hassle, automated solution that covers the entire process - marketing your property, creating the lease, receiving applications, conducting background and credit checks, and having a qualified professional physically there to show your unit. All for a transparent, no-brainer price. Stay tuned!
Hi, all! NestEgg is an app built for landlords, by landlords. We'd love for any landlords on the platform to try us out. Also, the first 50 sign ups immediately get a $100 credit to use on our contractor marketplace to resolve an issue at their rental property. Our marketplace consists of handyman services, plumbers, electricians, and much more. Thanks!