Nested Symbols & Styleguides for Sketch

Huge freebie of custom symbols & auto-updating style guides

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#4 Product of the DaySeptember 27, 2017

Symbols & Styleguides for Sketch is massive package of Nested Symbols and Predefined Text-Styles all together with 4 beautiful Auto-Updating Styleguides to keep you up to date with any design change you make!

Landing Page + All features:

Check all screens:


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  • Alex ThérouxHead of design and ux

    Detailed and very well designed style guide and UI system.


    Missing image and some other UI basic elements.

    Great work and thank you for sharing.

    Alex Théroux has used this product for one day.


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Jan LosertMaker@janlosert
Hi, Product Hunters and thanks @mutlu82 for hunting! In January I released my Dashboard UI Kit here on PH. I’ve got insanely positive response and lot of great feedback which made me dive deeper and listen to your ideas and suggestions! So, today I’m back and I would like to show you something new! Let me present you my new product: Symbols & Styleguides (It’s actually a FREEBIE!). As the name suggest: All of this is about Nested symbols and Auto-Updating Styleguides. It’s a huge library with various: Inputs,… Selects, Dropdown dialogs, Buttons, TextAreas, Multi-item Fields, Calendar View, Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Toggle Buttons, Labels, Tabs, Notifications, Social Buttons, Paginations & Progress Bars. All with ready to use properties in 4 Beautiful Auto-Updating Styleguides to keep you up to date with any design change you make and with predefined elements to be drag and dropped anytime you want them in the designs! I even created a simple walkthrough video to cover most of the product features and show you how to setup the file for your brand. With that being said, here is what’s inside this new product: - 90 Customisable Elements in Symbols (With Infinite Options) - All Resizable Elements - 150 Predefined & Well Named Text Styles (Ready for any typeface you want) - 4 Auto-Updating Styleguides (16 Screens) - Check all screens here: - Clever Administration to help you style it however you want for the new or current projects! - Branding Colours / Logos symbols - Prepared for Any Typeface you want - Optimized for Sketch (Obviously all in Vectors) What you get in the package (.zip) file: - 3 Prepared Sketch files with All elements (Symbols + 4 Styleguides) - 3 Templates (In Proxima Nova, Source Sans, Roboto) - 2 Google Fonts included + Link to Proxima Nova in Typekit - Ready to use and well-organized vector elements - Administration - Link to Youtube Tutorial I'd love to know what do you think about it, so feel free to hit me DM anytime on @janlosert if you have any questions! Check the full preview and all details – Download (Gumroad) link -
John Fowler@johnsteerfowler · Founder, Zero Host
Always love your work @janlosert I would love to see your Dashboard UI Kit built out in HTML & CSS. I would buy it straight away. Keep it up.
Jan LosertMaker@janlosert
@johnsteerfowler I’m actually having a deal with my best friend @vlafiser that if this gets 20,000 downloads we (or mainly he) will turn it into React components, so stay tuned I’m thinking about your requests guys! (But turning dashboard ui kit into html is currently a looong shot)
John Fowler@johnsteerfowler · Founder, Zero Host
@vlafiser @janlosert Would love React components of this too. Take my wallet..
Jan LosertMaker@janlosert
@vlafiser @johnsteerfowler Haha! Thanks for feedback, we will prepare it hopefully during the next 50 days!
Vlastimil Fišer@vlafiser · Creator of
@janlosert @johnsteerfowler Hey John! So the time is here, we just released ReactJS components based on this Jan's UI kit, check it out here:
Robert Mayer@_mayerr · Designer & Maker
Killing it again, Jan!
Jan LosertMaker@janlosert
@_mayerr I’m trying my best!
Robert Mayer@_mayerr · Designer & Maker
@janlosert What is approximate time spent on this one?
Jan LosertMaker@janlosert
@_mayerr Heh... I think around 100 hours. So much testing, tweaking and basically learning how to work with nested symbols. Then another 10 hours learning Readymag to prepare the landing page. It's crazy. Nobody can really tell what's behind these ui kits without really trying it. :)
Dima Blover💎@dimablover · Founder at | Product designer
Another great tool for designers.
Alexander Isora 🦄@alexanderisora · Founder @ Unicorn Platform
Thanks for the sharing, Jan! Really excited about nested symbols 😎 Figma, watch out!