Nest Protect 2.0

All-new smoke sensors and security features.

#5 Product of the DayJune 17, 2015

Nest Protect 2.0 is a smart smoke and CO detector alarm. Nest will tell you and it will send an alert to your phone if there is something going on. It will save your life and your house but first, it will recognize where the problem is exactly to let you react appropriately.

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Updates: * Steam check: cuts down on false alarms by using humidity sensors. * Safety history: 10 days of past activity visible in app. * What to do 2.0: lay out family escape routes, app will prompt in fire or CO emergencies. * CO levels: app alerts will now include CO peak levels and duration. * Pathlight controls: can enable nightlight mode, customize brightness. * Hidden networks: now supports hidden access points.
Hey all! Zach here, from the Social team at Nest. Fortunately, Rick pretty much covered the highlights from our announcement today, featuring the all-new Nest Protect :) To add a bit more context: we completely redesigned the smoke chamber of the new Nest Protect to reduce false alarms and respond more accurately to modern home fires by implementing dual-wave sensor technology, commonly used in commercial buildings, and developing a new Split-Spectrum Sensor to detect both fast- and slow-burning fires. And we’ve made Nest Protect even friendlier: you can now hush a false alarm from your phone. Feel free to mention me here if you've got any questions, or give us a shout on Twitter @nest!
@zkahn94 this is encouraging to hear, but I've had a nightmare of a time with my 2 Nest Protects: 1) the first unit failed and produced a continuous false alarm while I was on vacation requiring us to call the fire dept; Nest was kind enough to send a replacement, 2) the second unit false alarmed in the middle of the night, scaring everyone; 3) the replacement unit false alarmed after just 4 months (thankfully at breakfast) It sounds like (hopefull?!) these issues have been put to rest, but I already removed the batteries from my faulty units and am hoping I can get some kind of a refund. I ***love*** my Nest thermostat so I hope you guys figure this out with the new models. If so I'd be happy to return to the fold :)
@dannyjespinoza @rklau I'd like to see how this goes. Pinning it.
Nest Protect has been a horrible piece of hardware. Constant glitches, delays, false alarms. Is there an upgrade program for existing owners?
@ispekhov Hey, Illya! Sorry to here that you've had a poor experience with your first generation Nest Protect. We incorporated feedback like yours into the design of the all-new Nest Protect, which features a completely redesigned smoke chamber and Split Spectrum Sensor to reduce the frequency of these issues. Under our current return policy and warranty policy, we don't provide any upgrades for existing owners but you will receive our Whole Home Nightly Promise feature through an over-the-air software update shortly.
@zkahn94 thanks. Looking forward to the update.
@zkahn94 @ispekhov I appreciate you're in a difficult position, there's the sunk cost of all of those Protect 1.0 units. I've never owned one primarily because of all of the reports I read online about how flaky they we're, even if that might only represent a small subset of units and scenarios. But "sort of works" isn't something that's acceptable for a home safety device. Knowing there's absolutely no upgrade path for current owners of a product that didn't reliably meet it's basic requirements means I won't be purchasing 2.0 either until I'm absolutely sure it works perfectly. I suspect my friends who did buy one will be exercising their rights under Australian consumer law to a full refund to finance another one (assuming they purchased in the last 12 months). Anyone in the EU as 24 months to do the same. Could I suggest the team review the return and warranty policy in this instance? It's likely to be super-seeded by local consumer law in many jurisdictions anyway, and could be an opportunity to turn obviously upset and vocal customers back into advocates. As I said before, the reason I'm not currently a customer is precisely because of how upset and vocal these customers have been.