Nest Hello

Nest's new smart doorbell with HD video monitoring

#3 Product of the DaySeptember 20, 2017

Nest Hello is a video doorbell. Know who is knocking on your door. Available early 2018.

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Will this give me video of the person stealing my doorbell?
@stephen_shivers 😂 I'm going to guess that criminals who steal surveillance cameras while they're recording don't stay in business very long 🤷
@ggiaco Hmm, so I guess this could be considered entrapment. Btw, was checking Siftery out yesterday- good stuff!
@stephen_shivers how would stealing someone's doorbell while it records the crime be entrapment? Entrapment is when law enforcement tricks you into committing a crime that you would have otherwise not committed, nothing to do with plain old theft
@stephen_shivers entrapment? Please tell me that was a joke. Otherwise please google “entrapment legal definition”.
@stephen_shivers People can't take a joke.
It's about time the doorbell was reinvented, if I'm at the door and friends don't get my text.
@nivo0o0 That's a little harsh IMO. I really like being able to see who's at the door and what they're doing. It makes my wife feel more secure when she's home alone because she can see who's at the door before she answers. You get notified when mail and packages come. You can see when people arrive / leave. I've been using the Skybell for nearly a year and I'm really excited about the Nest version. The push notifications on Skybell are way faster than the Nest cameras but I hate having multiple apps and the Nest timelines are awesome.
Stoked to see this included in the Nest ecosystem. Sadly, we already adopted Ring for this purpose, but I might consider switching just to better unify our doorbell and cams when this is released.
@taylor_banks I've been tempted by Ring, but haven't made the purchase yet. Interested to see how this compares.
@taylor_banks I have a Ring in the box. May wait and see how the reviews go before installing
@hmurchison we quite like our ring... it's just that I have too many apps required to view my doorbell and each of my cams... using a single ecosystem would solve it for me. Still, I like and can highly recommend the Ring, in general, for what that's worth.

If this is very durable and strong and can be destroyed then I'm totally in otherwise there is a million other smart door bells with a camera.


Very nice and slick smart door bell + a live camera


but I fear it get stolen or destroyed with water/rain or something else...

Nice idea guys !! keep it going !