Nest Cam Outdoor

A weather proof outdoor security cam that records 24/7

Nest Cam Outdoor will be the good-looking security camera to put outside your house! It provides the same features as the Nest Cam Indoor - you can hear and speak through, get alerts on your phone and email, have 30 days backup on the cloud, but it has the bonus that it is water, shine, dust and wind proof. Smart, secure and simple!

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Hey, Nest isn't dead yet!
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@zaccoffman That was my first thought too!
@claudesutterlin @zaccoffman haha, came here to post the exact same thing...
@zaccoffman Ditto. They actually introduced a new feature.
Check out the video
"Nest Cam Outdoor is easy to install yourself." except they don't explain how exactly to install it. It's wired, and it's outdoor, so how are most people going to install it without drilling through a wall or door?
@2phu Most houses built in the 1980s and later have outdoor sockets for stuff like weed wackers. So it would be a convenient install for some people. People with older homes will probably need someone handy enough to drill holes in walls for the wiring. People with larger homes and lots will probably need to get some wireless repeaters as well.
nest be making some sexy products... that industrial design is on POINT
So.. the FAQ on their site says this is pretty much the same camera as the indoor camera... but with a weatherproof case... does anyone have specific specs? I have the NEST thermostat and I am happy with it, the only thing that makes me hold back on the camera, are the monthly plans which are paid per camera...
@tostartafire I really like my current nest cam. Yeah, the monthly plan is pretty annoying but it's really comforting to have. A couple days ago I left my garage door open so when I came home I just browsed through the 4-5 actions detected that day, and double checked no one came into the house etc. Took a couple minutes and gave me peace of mind.