Nest Cam IQ

Smart home camera, using Google's AI for facial recognition

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Paul Murphy
CEO, Dots
I would love to know how they prioritized these features. As someone that owns two indoor Nest cams and one outdoor Nest cam, higher quality video and face recognition feels like technology for technology sake. What would have been interesting to me are more sensors (temp, humidity, air quality, barometric pressure for outdoor) and more intelligent integration with other Nest / Google hardware products (Nest protect and Google Wifi). Also, some efficiency for the cloud services would be handy (I have to pay for each one individually and it's super expensive).
@paulbz exactly. Google wants me to spend money on a buzzword compliant camera. They could have done local 4K recording to an SDXC. Computer Science is about solving problems not creating new ones that are easily preventable.
jeff!larry bird parody account
@paulbz i mean, honestly, anything besides a camera from Nest at this point would be a welcomed "feature"
David SimpsonFounder at
@paulbz ^ what Paul said
Ben Tossell
No-coder 👉
Costs $299 though.... Coverage; Wired TechCrunch
E3Student, Udacity
@bentossell I agree. It should have been $199
Face-recognition technology - can identify family members and learn to differentiate them from strangers. Impressive!!!
Face recognition was already part of other Nest camera with nest aware so its nothing new...Unfortunately in the demo video Nest was not able to communicate to me the reason spending this much money...
André J
Swift dev @
remindes me of:
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