Nest Cam

A new security camera by Nest

Nest Cam will be your eyes and ears inside the house! It is a security camera that you can hear and speak through. It can save up to 30 days back on the cloud and it sends you notifications and emails with photos if it sees any movement.

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Curious to see what type of storage options come with this in the future. Since it's a Google company, I would love to just be able to store the footage in my Google Drive account.
@parkeragee I would LOVE that. But I don't see them stepping away from the cloud offering they offer, as that's their continual revenue stream.
@zaccoffman @parkeragee Hey guys! Thanks for the suggestion :) With Nest Cam, you can opt-in to our new subscription service called Nest Aware, which allows your store your recordings in the cloud for up to 30 days. While we don't have anything additional to announce today, you'll see us continue to work on what we offer with Nest Aware over time.
@zkahn94 @parkeragee What storage options does Nest Cam offer for free? Last 24 hours?... or saved clips?
Was thinking of getting one of these for the office to monitor things that go on while I am out of town
@thebluestripe Sounds like a great idea!
@thebluestripe Sounds a little... creepy. The CEO at my wife's old office had a webcam installed and it weirded everyone out (while possibly also being illegal). It doesn't exactly engender trust.
You had me at activity zones - Looks like a great product!
@walterareid Thanks, Walter! Let us know if you have any questions.
Why did Nest not release a new thermostat today? They haven't updated it for a few years now, it seems like a good time to release a new version. Wouldn't this new version drive more sales from people waiting to purchase one?
Zach, Dropcam constantly uploads the whole time it is on, using up bandwidth. Why don't you enable the option to just upload when movement is detected? Is movement detection done in the cloud?