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But can it make a selfie latte???
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@rrhoover such high standards, Ryan!
Brew the perfect coffee right from your phone.* * Must do the following first: - Ensure water reservoir is filled. - Place desired pod into machine. - Place refrigerated milk into frother (optional). - Place correct size cup on pedestal.
@joshuapinter This seems reasonable to me... The machine is $250, quickly produces a quality shot of espresso w/ wonderful crema, and is extremely convenient. Ensuring the machine has water, and a cup is ready for the pour hardly feel like pain-points. Previous night, I select the pod I prefer in the morning, set the espresso cup under the spout and go to bed. After my shower, at exactly 6:10am, I walk into the kitchen and grab my freshly pulled espresso. Sign me up!
@nnezhat Couldn't you just press the button on the machine before jumping in the shower?
@joshuapinter Yes, but i'd have a cold, bitter shot waiting for me once I was done. After further thought, this feature is pretty irrelevant considering most Nespresso machines have a warmup time of just over 30seconds. So, the more important question is... Will it Blend?
Oh! and they just updated their iPhone app to make it compatible with that machine.
I love nespresso. best coffee maker ever. But now with bluetooth connection you can schedule coffee from your phone, get alerts when capsules are missing and more...want to buy a new machine
@ourielohayon The best coffee maker ever, really?
@ourielohayon I don't think you can fully automate to schedule coffee. In my understanding, you still have to add the capsule manually:
@zacdavies for a machine you can take home at this price: 100%
@ogirginc you can schedule a coffee. see min 1.30"
@zacdavies @ourielohayon After 5 years in Brighton, UK, I've become a coffee hipster, so I can't have “capsule coffee” anymore. Would take a french press or aeropress and some fresh beans over capsule any day :)
Hmmmm. Nespresso alarm clock? They're loud enough & it would be an awesome treat to wake up to ☕️