Nintendo controller for iOS, Android, & Windows

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Man does this thing look sweet
Love the nostalgia factor, and the "works everywhere" factor, too. As much as I also love the theme to Legend of Zelda in my head right now, I remember how much my hand would hurt after a while, although they were smaller hands back then.
@singer ahhh, the memories. I used to pad my hands with bandaids. :)
Hi, My name is Romman from, I am the inventor of NES30. Why I make NES30, it's very simple reason, I am older gamer, play game about 30 years. Recently year, the smart devices, such as iPad, iPhone and Samsung smart phone are more powerful enough to run emulator. I am really like to play retro game on them, but the touch control feel bad, So I decided to make a retro game controller NES30, I am so happy that I can play SMBS, Contra and battle city with it on my iPhone, it's for the happy memry of old days. Hope you can love it. :) Here is our facebook:, please like it if you want, thank you.
@8bitdo Liked and shared with my friends :) thanks for posting Romman!
This is one sweet little toy