Put a stop to slipping glasses

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I remember seeing this on Shark Tank (watch on Hulu) as well. Simple idea that solves a small, annoying problem.
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I get so much stick from my mates for pushing up my glasses... finally the abuse stops! Using wax will surely save me from this torment right? Or could it make it 10x worse 🤓
@bentossell Ben, this will totally fix your slippage issue. :)
@bentossell No way!! it's complete 10X awesomeness in a tube!
Shark Tank!
I purchased Nerd Wax immediately after seeing it on Shark Tank. I hate slipping glasses! I'm Asian, so my bridge is basically non-existent.... I was hoping this product could solve an every day problem. Unfortunately, it didn't make much of an impact for me. I have used it for multiple days, watched the videos on how to apply, and it still isn't impacting the slippage. I hope it works for others though!
@jkent2910 we took care of you really well though right Julie!?!? 😉
@donhejny @jkent2910 Absolutely! :) I'd still recommend others giving it a try.
My glasses slip constantly. I'm excited about the possibility. I'm also really interested in the idea that there are probably products like this out there that are old and have been around for a long time but were forgotten or left alone and could use a fresh coat of paint and marketing. Nice idea.