Nerd Know-How

The 27+ best apps for work & how to use 'em!

Following the excellent "Release Your Inner Nerd," Beth Ziesenis documents the apps everyone is talking about and then, without resorting to needless jargon or complication, explains how to get the very best from each and every one of them. However, while the 27+ apps in the title get the headlines, Beth never assumes that those particular choices are best for the audience, so the book also details out dozens of competitive, alternate options for the reader. Throughout the book the language is accessible, the advice tangible, and the choices are superb. The book covers everything from organization to collaboration, sharing to design, creation to travel, and apps that help you outsource your tasks. There's a special section on Google too, helping readers get the most from the 500lb gorilla in the app room. A handy reference lists all the major apps and their alternatives, and any book that has a sleeve-note from Seth Godin gets my attention every time. Full disclosure: Beth asked me to write a small section on one of my favorite tools, which I was happy to do. This doesn't affect my opinion of the book.
@therealsjr Looking forward to read this one for sure. Thanks for sharing @TheRealSJR.
@invinciblesaad Thanks! Let me know if you have any questions. :)
@nerdybff Will definitely do. Sharing it with my awesome team of nerds at @Cloudways. I believe they are going to love it as well.
@invinciblesaad My toes are tingling. This is so exciting! #Nerdgasm
Greetings, PHers! Nerds unite! Product Hunt is one of my favorite ways to find the new tools I write about, and I'm OVER THE MOON that you cool kids let me sit at your lunch table. :) "Nerd Know-How" is my third book. It focuses on 27 tech tools that every professional person should have... some are expected, some are a little weird. All are "necessary." Because you guys are AWESOME, use this discount code 8WMJ8LVC to get $13 off the book via the CreateSpace store. That means it'll be about half price with shipping.
Heh. I keep clicking on my listing to see how it's going... and UNLIKING my own product. Oops! #thenerdthingisreal