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Hi Product Hunt! I’m Sonya, and I’m super excited to show you Neqtr. We’re a relationship app that connects socially conscious, health conscious people over positive shared causes & lifestyles - for love or friendship. We’re different because we bring people together over what really matters. If you’re tired of apps that match you based on superficial, random factors that end in shallow meaningless connections, Neqtr is here to help you find deeper connections. As the Anti-Tinder, we’re a safe place to find love without the harassment of other apps. As a team of primarily women, we stand by that with flagging, blocking, and rating systems in place. With over 50+ non-profit partners, we help you date “for good”. A typical first date could involve helping animals at a shelter, cycling in the park, or balancing your chakras in a yoga class together! Even if there is no chemistry, a “bad date” can still feel good. Plus taking action speaks volumes about someone's character — much more than just dinner and drinks. We're helping to redefine sexy for good, and we're using gamification with sexy points to aid in this — the more good you do on the app, the sexier you become. I’d love to hear your questions & feedback, and of course I hope we can help you connect & feel more fulfilled. xo Gratitude!
Great concept here and one I'm constantly telling the single women in my family about due to their almost unanimous disdain for the popular dating services. I've gotten great feedback from all of them. With this product the ability to match dating with socially responsible activities is probably one of the best filters there can be for quality. The person will spend meaningful time doing meaningful work. Even if the date doesn't work out romantically it still wasn't a waste of time due to the activity and the odds of a friendship forming are greater also.
@naithanjones Appreciate the feedback & thoughts! I couldn't agree more :)
@urbansonyarants Hey Sonya & all other makers of Neqtr! I like the idea of social sexiness, shared causes & shared lifestyles a lot! My remarks: GET IT STARTED // I think you have to reach a critical mass, to build a successful product. The problem in all community based apps is, that there are not enough people signed up. I signed up, but now there is no one showing up. So I'm leaving the app. I try it three more times, then I quit. I think you see the problem. Maybe you have an idea how to tackle this challenge. You could try to integrate some feature, that I'm able to use alone, which already increases my points and which could help afterwards to get a better matching. UX // I signed up, now the first screen I'm seeing is "Neqtr is more fun with friends. Use your code to spread the love and do some good." 1. Which code? Where is it? I don't see it anywhere, maybe I have to tap on "share", but there is no CTA/button on the screen where this is written. 2. I guess, that I'm seeing this message, because there is no other user, but I'm not sure. As a user I might wonder, what I'm having to do now. I might wonder, how many people are signed up in my area. If there is none, you have to tell the user. 3. Do I have any possibility to filter my results / suggestions? As a user I would wonder if there is any geographical filter or age filter I could apply and I would wonder, if you do some filtering automatically, as I'm seeing now no one. SUPPORT // I like the idea of the "wing girl" as an assistant on the app. I would try to directly communicate with the user, as soon as he logged on or latest one day after he signed up, so he sees there's at least some activity, and be it only the makers who are communicating with me. PRICING // Which model do you have in mind? How do you want to build a sustainable & profitable product? Investors? Crowdfunding? Ads? Let the user donate? BUG // When signing up I was having trouble with the location input. I had to try around several times, until it worked. Only then I was able to sign up. At first I would make some fields optional, so that even if there's a bug, users are still able to sign up. Make the way to sign up as short as possible. Additional data can still be gathered afterwards! It happened on: iPhone 6 running iOS 9.2 (13C75), Facebook Login. When tapping on "Tap here to get my location" nothing happened, no matter where I tapped on the field. I was only able to solve it, by getting into "Manual signup", where I was able to tap it, then going back to Facebook Login, trying to tap Location in there, and after tapping several times, it finally got my location. FEATURE MY DATES // I like the idea of this feature! Looking forward on how you're going to implement it and if it's going to work nicely! Best wishes & a lot of success with this product! I'd love to see it reach a critical mass!
Hi @dbleilevens! Thank you so much for your thorough feedback, it is incredibly helpful, and we greatly appreciate it. I'll go ahead and address your concerns + points: 1. Getting started: Chicken & egg problem - yes, right now we're primarily available in a couple of cities only, and working on expanding to the others. We have the most users in SD, SF, NY. People have tried signing up all over the world, but it hasn't been a great user experience. We have events in these areas where the user can see them in the "dates" area, and attend. We are working to implement individual RSVP + sexy points so the user can build up their own sexiness prior to connecting with others. Another dilemma is that many users sign up looking for friends, but then seem to shy away from actually swiping on friends -- who they could go to these events with and gain the points right off the bat. Another feature we're implementing is a donation platform w/ our partner Givkwik, which will help the user gain sexy points + fulfillment as well. 2. UX: You're absolutely right about changing the copy on the Find Matches page to reflect that there are no users in that person's area, rather than saying "more fun with friends". We had a code implemented but did away with that. It was supposed to have been removed from the copy on iOS last week, but thank you for letting me know that it is still visible on your phone. We will remove asap. Great call out! Re: filter - yes, you can filter your results by age, location, preferences, etc, in settings currently. We are in the process of building out more filters for the user as we speak. 3. Support: Most users talk to Sam first thing and ask her questions. I like your idea about having Sam make the first move, which is something we've discussed on our end as well. When sending out surveys we received a mixed bag on that, but it probably would be helpful with our app in the stage it's in. 4. Pricing: We will be implementing a premium features model as the main monetization strategy + donation platform. Native ads are another strategy we're considering. We are in talks with a couple of investors now. 5. Bugs: Thank you for letting us know about this bug. Wolfgang & Amy will look into this. I agree that the user should be able to get in regardless if bugs arise. Overall, these were great points, and incredibly helpful. Thank you for taking the time to try out the app and provide the insights. Gratitude!
@urbansonyarants Hey there, thanks for replying so fast! 1. Getting started: Yes.. always the chicken & egg problem. What do you think why people are shying away from swiping on friends? Have you made any research on that? I'm curious about the donation platform, looking forward to it. 2. UX: Ah ok I see. Now that I filtered to 100miles+ I also get some suggestions! :) Maybe you could apply the 100+ setting as a standard setting when opening the app, as I get instantly results when I'm opening the app the first time. Yes, they will be far far away, but I prefer having people, who are far away than having no people to interact with. 3. Support: Ok I see. I think it's wise to be not to offensive, but a starter message, so I know what Sam is about and maybe some messages after defined time spans (1 month) could work greatly! 4. Pricing: I guess Tinder did it the right way.. create a big, big community and then implementing the premium features - although I think they also did some things wrong. But you need big investors to survive the first months and years until you built up a community this big. Best of luck at this point! You're very welcome! Looking forward to improvements and new features!
@dbleilevens 1. I honestly am sensing that people are shying away from friends because they feel a slight insecurity to swipe on the same sex. We implemented the friends piece because we received so much user feedback and requests to add it. I think it's a learning experience, and we have to let them know it's there for a reason. We will be putting out more messaging over the next couple of weeks to move this along. 2. I thought the 100+ setting was already on, so we will add that promptly! 3. Good idea about Sam, that could work quite well. Thanks again for your feedback! :)
@urbansonyarants 1. Hmm maybe this is the case because people got so used to the "Swipe if Hot" on Tinder, that this gesture is linked to dating. Have you thought about different interactions for liking?
@urbansonyarants I now tried the process of liking people, some remarks on UX: 1. You're saying Neqtr is not about the visuals, but you still swipe almost only on images... 2. ...yes, you also see the icons, but personally I don't remember the meaning of the single icons. They're also rather small. 3. To get details on the person you have to tap on the picture, but in detail view you’re not able to like. When navigating back, it loads too long and sometimes it even shows a completely other person. (but I guess this is just a bug) The points mentioned above led me back to swipe rather on the image instead of checking out the lifestyle and passions, which is a pity. But I think when you improve on performance and UX, it can get really powerful!
@dbleilevens Great, thanks for the additional feedback. We are working on creating a better experience for the user with finding new matches. I am confident that change will help the flow of the app and the mission behind it. To your point #3, that is a bug that needs to be squashed. Your support is so helpful to us! :)
Click change photo, select from iOS library, click save. Then it asks me to login again. Infinate loop.
@jackfitzgerald thank you for letting me know. We're looking into it now.
@jackfitzgerald We're still trying to reproduce this issue. If you log out and log back in, do you still encounter this problem?
@eimie yes. In logging if via fb on iPhone 6s
@jackfitzgerald is this problem happening for you when you first login with Facebook? You may have helped discover a bug with choosing a photo other than your Facebook profile photo when first logging in with Facebook. We will look into fixing this, and for now please instead change your photo from My Profile under More after you have logged in.