Great iTunes controller with scrobbler.

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Developer, designer
Latest review from U.S. Mac App Store because the reviewer nailed my goals for the app: "This app just works. It’s automatic and unobtrusive, and just delightful to use. Having a better looking and more functional mini player that’s separate from iTunes isn’t a feature that I thought I would value that much, but I find that I’m using it all the time. It hides when iTunes is closed and opens when you open iTunes. I really like how it announces each track as they come on with a gorgeous little blur and bounce animation, it’s completely replaced the iTunes track notifications for me. And perhaps most importantly, you can browse iTunes with the miniplayer still open! scrobbling is solid and accurate—currently using Neptunes on my personal and work computer and there are ZERO duplicate scrobbles! This has been a constant frustration of mine with the official scrobbler for a while and it’s just a load off my shoulders to finally have a good scrobbling experience. Overall, very solid and very polished. I’m kicking myself for not trying Neptunes sooner."
Good to see that NepTunes finally made the main page. Big fan of iTunes controllers and NepTunes is a really good one at that. Hope it gains additional left/right track sweeping. Besides that it's just about perfect.
Lewis FludeDesigner
I've been using this for a while now and I think it's brilliant. By far the best in it's class. For years I've been on the search for a good scrobbling app, and this one has just the right combination of functionality and minimalism.