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Hey @zeurois, first off, congrats on the launch! I like the look of your product, as I've been intrigued about how analytics can be done better for a while now. How different metrics can be kept tabs on across multiple platforms, and NeonMetrics looks like it's aiming to do just that. From a makers perspective I'm always intrigued to hear the backstory on products, can I ask, how long have you been working on this? Have you been in closed beta at all or straight to public launch? Also, a word of feedback, the site looks great (although watch out for the hover colour on the nav items), but the thing that would help me understand this the most would be a small (<3min) video explaining what NeonMetrics is and why I should care 👍
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Hello, Product Hunt. Today, we're thrilled to announce Neonmetrics. Some of the most important features to mention: - easily create reports from your data across multiple platforms - organize your most important metrics exactly the way you want - get powerful insights about your traffic or existing customers - automate, spend less time on collecting data and more on your own business Feel free to ask any questions. Your feedback is important and greatly appreciated!
@zeurois Hi Petru, I have just put in my email adress and clicked on "create my first report" but then I got an error page: 404 NOT FOUND, "The requested document was not found on this server., Web Server at" - But I have received an email from you :)
@galitzamler @zeurois Hey, still have the URL you got the 404 on?
@galitzamler @zeurois Fixed. Thanks for reporting!
@zeurois congrats on the launch my friend looks epic! (loving some data visualisation over here). Lots of products you're working with already, keep up the good work!​
Promising. 1. Too many 404s (check e.g. Forgotten Password) 2. When I finally signed up I found that I can connect only GA, AWEBBER and PAYPAL? I simply cannot believe that all those "Thousands of users /who are/ using NeonMetrics already" are happy with collecting data just from google analytics, awebber and paypal. :-)
I'm a sucker for these kinds of things because data helps you improve. Of course, feedback from users is even better, but still, data is very important. Enjoy your reports!
@violetanedkova Feedback, Data, Feedback, Data - the Endless Startup Cycle. Great Find !!!
@violetanedkova So true! I've been looking for something exactly like this recently; thanks so much for sharing :)
The Age of Ultron is here... is no one else even just a bit afraid of what this all means? Ultimate marketing POWER!! Sorry, I've just been watching Avengers. Great film. This looks amazing guys.