Neon MFG

Handmade neon art for your wall

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All of a sudden I find it completely normal to want to put a neon artwork up in my flat...
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@bentossell Agree Ben, I really like it
@bentossell Same. I want all of it.
I just launched a coworking centre, with a big neon logo as our brand. So this to me is basically porn.
@jasondainter cool logo! But I think you are doing porn wrong.. Ha
@jasondainter That is awesome.
Can I order one that says "Hotel Coral Essex" and then turn off a few letters? Just like in revenge of the nerds.
This one was made for you, @gregisenberg: You can also order custom neon signs.
@rrhoover @gregisenberg No shipping outside the US and Canada :(
@rotemthegolfer @rrhoover @gregisenberg check this out: and they ship outside US and Canada :)
I am def ordering one. I get that you can't ship internationally yet. But are there issues flying/transporting it?
@danielrubin109 Honestly not sure, I just loved the desktop lightning bolt. I don't know much about the company. Just thought it was awesome.