Neon Bible is the most revolutionary version of the King James bible ever! Read the old and new testaments like never before. It's the bible, electric.

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Hello Product Hunt friends, I launched an iOS and Android app called Neon Bible in late March. It's exactly what it sounds like: The bible in neon colors. Is it great? Absolutely not. Does it work? Yes, kinda. Is it revolutionary? Very much so. Any thoughts on where to go next (gifs, illustrations, social sharing, etc) or general feedback would be much appreciated!
Alternative tagline: The tumblr of bibles.
I feel even closer to Jesus now :')
This is ridiculous and I love it. Haven't downloaded yet, but hope it has gifs too.
I've dreamt about this last night, but in a sense of a guy telling me ironically about San francisco "art" and "startups" combined. Holy shit was I surprised when I saw this was actually real. It's actually awesome, screw that guy.