Real-time color & gradient picker

Neon is a real-time, fast and 100% free color picker for your iOS Device. With Neon you can simply point your iOS Device anywhere you like and save the color or gradient for sharing or for later use.
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6 Reviews5.0/5
Hey everyone! I created Neon because I always wanted to be able to have a quick and easy app in my iPhone to share the colors and gradients as I see them in the world around me. Neon uses powerful technologies to get the exact color from your camera and then converts that data into a HEX value that is stored locally in your iPhone. The app has absolutely no connections with the outside world in terms of networking so rest assured this app is not involved in any sort of data collection. Neon also has a structure of randomly generated color or gradient cards that you can add to your library and edit or share it as you'd like. After you've captured the color or made a gradient using the camera icon on the top right you can make edits using pin-point accuracy and then save them for later use such as *Sharing HEX codes with your designers *Using the color or the gorgeous gradients as a background in your Instagram Story *Using the colors or gradients as your wallpaper. Neon uses native iOS APIs so it feels right at home with the other stock apps. It is available for both your iPhone and your iPad and it is totally, 100% free with no advertisements. If you'd like to reward the developer you can do so using the tip-jar that is embedded into the app. All payments are handled using Apple's state of the art payment technologies. A tip is always appreciated but never required. A good rating on the App Store is all I can ever ask for. I am so excited to see what you do with Neon. If you find an interesting color or a gradient please tweet it @neontheapp so that I can share it with the rest of the world.
I love using this application when I'm out, and like a particular color. Highly recommended to use it!
@rudrankriyam Thank you, Rudrank! Glad you're liking it
It’s one of those applications whose importance you realise once you start using it, and later becomes a part of your daily life. Simple to use and very efficient.
@devanshmadd Thank you so much! Thank you for all the support :)
Must say, a really good idea. You liked the color, open the app and just capture the color. Easy to use.
@rajhraval1 Thank you, Raj! Glad you liked it.