Neon 2.0

Point your camera and capture colors and gradients

Neon was launched a couple of months back and now it's better than ever. With more powerful capture, editing and analyzing tools Neon is your one-stop-shop for everything related to colors that fits into your pocket.
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1 Review5.0/5
I made Neon to be an all in one tool for everything color related. Neon 2.0 builds on that idea. It now has a powerful camera picker that lets you switch cameras, lock white balance and use the flashlight. It also has a powerful color analyzer that shows the RGB, CMYK and HSL values along with the closest matched name, lets you make edits and manipulate colors down to the smallest detail. This new version is packed with features such as full iCloud sync, improved iPad support, Dictionary of CSS colors, generation of UIColor code that can be pasted directly into Xcode and much more.
My 2 cents: I think some sort of freemium model will work better for you. It sounds cool enough, but give me a couple of tries before I need to fork some money to pay for this.
@ron_ishai Thank you for your suggestion. Here's a promo code if you'd like to try it out: YYNHK7WL7WKT It was a tip ware before 2.0. The model just didn't make enough money (I got 2 tips), at least not enough to justify the effort that I was putting into making the app. The app is priced in Tire 1 and is now making the development of Neon sustainable.