Magnetic light switch cover holds keys, tools, etc.

Hey guys happy to answer any questions
Clever product. Have you had any issues with scratching on the plate or the wall over time, especially with hanging keys?
@nickschwab thank you! the thickness of the plate lets the keys hang about 1/4" off the wall so there's never really any scuffs or marks as one might suspect
Just soooooooo clever
Really like this. Any plans for decora and/or multi-gang?
@stevesi well when i made this i was a student running my first business so there were a lot of plans! in the past few years we developed some other versions on a custom basis but haven't manufactured them on a full scale. i'm still surprised this old thing resurfaces all over the web. i've made much bigger things since then ;)
@frey great story. Certainly puts the hunt in product hunt!! Congrats!!