Magnetic light switch cover holds keys, tools, etc.

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Jake FreyMaker@frey · Founder @ Neue Store
Hey guys happy to answer any questions
Nick Schwab@nickschwab · Full-stack engineer at Ford Motor Co
Clever product. Have you had any issues with scratching on the plate or the wall over time, especially with hanging keys?
Jake FreyMaker@frey · Founder @ Neue Store
@nickschwab thank you! the thickness of the plate lets the keys hang about 1/4" off the wall so there's never really any scuffs or marks as one might suspect
Nick Grosvenor @nickgrosvenor · Co-Founder, CineGrain
Just soooooooo clever
Steven Sinofsky@stevesi · a16z
Really like this. Any plans for decora and/or multi-gang?
Jake FreyMaker@frey · Founder @ Neue Store
@stevesi well when i made this i was a student running my first business so there were a lot of plans! in the past few years we developed some other versions on a custom basis but haven't manufactured them on a full scale. i'm still surprised this old thing resurfaces all over the web. i've made much bigger things since then ;)
Steven Sinofsky@stevesi · a16z
@frey great story. Certainly puts the hunt in product hunt!! Congrats!!