A chatbot for improving your language skills

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When I saw Duolingo's recent update which included a chat interface to improve your language skills I wondered why there wasn't an actual chatbot on Facebook Messenger yet that you could learn with. I'm glad I wasn't the only person wondering about that. Instead of with an app there is no need to download anything & easy to drop into and out of the conversation when you're waiting at the bus stop or at the airport. Can't wait to see where the Liechteneckers take NELA. I can imagine audio/voice messages to work quite well for this use case as well. Many ways to go from here.
Congrats on this great bot @christophrumpel et al! 🎈 Is NELA actually a rule based bot or do you use AI as well? And are there maybe any hints you can reveal on which games you're about to add going forward? 🙂
@allanberger Thx a lot! We don’t think too much about how much AI-driven a chatbot is - we concentrate on how we can make it the most useful and beneficial for our users. Most chatbots right now are more ruled-based applications than real AIs, but this doesn't mean that they can't fulfill their purpose in the best possible ways. Right now we are using for analyzing text messages but we are also looking into other tools in order to improve NELA's skills. We believe it is important to keep it obvious that NELA is a bot and not a human. We are still working on improvements for NELAs first game Word Chain. But right after that we will work on two new learning methods. They are called Flash Cards and Who Am I. Guess it is pretty clear what they will be about but still I don't want to tell you more right now ;-)
@christophrumpel Thanks for these exciting insights. Do you plan to add more languages in the future (I saw a hint regarding French and Spanish on the landing page) and will they be available through NELA or through different bots?
@allanberger Yeah that's the plan. English is just the start!=) We are right now improving NELAs English teaching skills and that is our focus right now. But after that, it will be great to support more languages. Decisions haven't been made about the mulit language strategy yet.
Thanks Thomas, we happy to answer all questions regarding NELA here.
This is how it looks like when you're playing Word Chain with NELA.
Refreshing approach! What languages and games are you planning to implement first? You might want to make sure Nela doesn't start the game with certain words, haha :)
@fishsander Thx a lot! Haha, yeah... well... that's very natural right ? :-) We haven't decided yet which of the mentioned games is next. Same with languages. Any preferences?
@christophrumpel Haha. I asked because my girlfriend is learning Dutch, but I can imagine that isn't very high on your list. 😅
@fishsander hehe 😅 Well, we will consider it, but I guess the next ones will be Spanish or French.