AI content curator for your reading pleasure

Meet Neil, a new kind of newsreader. We call it your personalized curator AI.

Neil is a chatbot, a virtual assistant whose only goal is to find interesting stories for you to read.

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News delivery with a bot is quite fun! So far i got little to no junk article, and they matched pretty well my interests. The UI could be improved here and there, but otherwise it's simple and straightforward.


quality content, original UI


UI could be smoother

Pierre Ricadat
Software Engineer
Hi there! Thanks for trying out Neil! We’ve just released the first public version and we have lots of ideas to make it even better in the coming months. Hope you have fun with it and every feedback is welcomed! ;)
John PaluskaPublic Relations Practitioner and Writer

I'm all for reading a liberal article here and there, but this app is like Huffington Post on steroids. We need to read liberal and conservative sources to get a fuller perspective, but when the Christianity section has stories about not saying Merry Christmas on Christmas and the history stories come from "mother nature network" I would have to say that this is incredibly progressive and will place someone in a bubble.

I tried as hard as I could to throw in conservative slanting articles but it was to no avail. Even the Trump section has non-stop insults about the man. Come on. I'm not saying these articles shouldn't be curated but couldn't you at least try to throw in The Washington Times or National Review and such? They report on facts too, you know.


Great idea.


More liberal than the Huffington Post.