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neighbor is the easiest and simplest way to connect with people who share your interests locally all for free! Chat and discuss with like minded people, create groups specific to your interests and invite others to join the conversation.
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So how does it work? Does it connect you to other locals and then it's up to you to talk to people until you find someone you like talking to, or does the app help find people based on interests, or what?
@oliverolson7 thanks for the message and feedback! neighbor is built around user-made interest groups. Meaning you can search for groups based on interest and interact, via direct message or the newsfeed, with other members of the group. A use case might be, you travel to a new city and want to go running with someone so you would join the "Runner Club" group and see who's close by, chat with them and go running. This is our Version 1 launch and looking for feedback to improve the app.
I've tried to add more than one interest and failed. Overall look of the app needs to be better.
@damaja Hey Thanks for the note! Where were you adding your interests in neighbor? If you send detailed notes we can incorporate the feedback in our next update. We're still working through how people would actually use neighbor and appreciate the feedback.