Safer, closer, cheaper storage with a next door Neighbor.

Neighbor is the new way to do storage. By turning everyday people into hosts, Neighbor is providing homeowners with thousands of dollars of passive income each year and renters with closer storage options at 50% the price of traditional storage. Neighbor's peer-to-peer marketplace provides storage that's safer, closer, and cheaper.

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  • Pros: 

    I rented with Neighbor for $21/month for ~4 months. Definitely the cheapest I could find.


    Their iOS app is built more for hosts than renters.

    Saved me about $200. Our host was very accommodating. We stored our items in his spare bedroom. He was just down the road from us (~5 min drive).

    Joseph Woodbury has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Awesome idea. Super passive income. One of those "ah ha!" moments.


    They don't have lots of option in every US city but they seem to be growing

    I have made money hosting on Neighbor by literally doing nothing. Super passive income.

    Preston Alder has used this product for one year.


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Mick@mickc79 · Founder of SongBox.Rocks
I had this idea about a year ago. Good on you for actually making it happen. I’m surprised it didn’t get more upvotes.
Colton Gardner
Colton GardnerMaker@colton_gardner1
@mickc79 thanks for the kind words. We appreciate your upvote!
Donny Harding
Donny Harding@donny_harding · Founder @ 3AM Rebound
I see their billboards all the time here in Utah and wondered what they did. Now I know! Sounds like a cool business.
Colton Gardner
Colton GardnerMaker@colton_gardner1
@donny_harding Thanks! Hope you've liked the billboards!
Lee Qixian@swiftpolar · Full-stack Developer
I've seen a couple of startups here in Singapore attempting the exact same thing. The same concerns always arise and I've read the FAQ page and it still worries me both as a hoster or a renter. The main problem always boils down to what happens if the item is "damaged". This is something that is highly disputable as the FAQ states: "Hosts are not liable for any damage that may occur to the renter’s stored possessions that they did not cause." So how do we determine who causes it? Disputes are bound to happen and I don't see how they can be mediated with the current set of rules that are put in place. Of course, this is assuming worst case. In an ideal scenario, a hoster with great reviews and what not is more trustworthy etc etc. I guess I'm just bringing up a point that plagued such sharing economy platforms. If anyone has any idea if Neighbor has some way to effectively manage such negative scenarios, do feel free to discuss.
Colton Gardner
Colton GardnerMaker@colton_gardner1
@swiftpolar great questions. Safety for both the hosts and renters is our #1 concern and we're constantly implementing new methods to protect both sides, screen users, and implement trust features. We'll soon be rolling out a damage guarantee to cover the costs of any damage done to the host's property or the renter's possessions. While our strict Terms of Service to assign liability based on certain circumstances as you pointed out, this guarantee will further provide even further protection.
Derrick Isaacson
Derrick Isaacson@derrickisaacson · VP of Engineering, Neighbor
I'm making $200 a month renting out part of my unfinished basement and spare space in my garage. Never had any trouble. Renters have all been very nice and grateful.
Juliana Cristófalo
Juliana Cristófalo@juliana_cristofalo · Community Manager
Super cute!
Colton Gardner
Colton GardnerMaker@colton_gardner1
@juliana_cristofalo Thanks - feel free to share our cuteness with friends and family ;)