A Social Network For Parents

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Looks good for local community @_dannybin
@nosherwanarbab Thanks! Our goal is to bring local community closer together! Create meaningful and actionable relationships.
@_dannybin Where are you based?
@tomasruta We are based in Santa Clara.
Looks good but the video with the dog and the girl who doesn't want to play with him because she didn't carpool home was a bit much.
How are you growing the product, I imagine a lot of grassroots marketing? What has been most effective so far?
@allany888 Yep! We are working closely with local schools, tutoring center, sponsoring local events, PTAs and much more. :)
I like this idea.. I can see it being very useful in local communities for sure.
@zacherynielson Thank you for your vote of confidence!
Gave it a try. Feels very bay area focused.
@arlogilbert You are right Arlo. Our current focus is in the bay area and Vancouver. We believe we can deliver the most value to our users if we can achieve a complete saturation of the local markets. So our current priority is to serve one market well, rather than expand our coverage, but we do expect to expand our footprints to other markets later in the year. :)
@_dannybin @arlogilbert This is really smart. Very Zero to One-esk of you ;)