Chrome extension for Nectarine for Peach

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Hi Everyone, When I saw the Nectarine account on Peach mentioning yesterday they were thinking about making a chrome extension, I could not resist :) This is a simple extension that basically loads the Nectarine interface into an extension window - so any feature you have in Nectarine, you have it in the extension. This will allow to quickly check for updates without requiring to open or switch to a new tab. I was thinking it would be annoying not to have notifications, but @_developit did a great job in the mean time and added desktop notifications on Nectarine, so you already know when something has happened :)
@oelmekki Awesome. Love how you just build stuff! Wonder what @dhof thinks :)
@bentossell Thanks Ben ;) Although, all the heavy lifting is done by Nectarine here, I just load it in an extension :) Thank to them!
@bentossell @oelmekki I want to give it a big hug :)
Thanks @oelmekki for putting this together :)
@oelmekki Completely obsessed with Peach and how the community is growing - this will go wonders for me keeping up-to-date with my 'peach-buddies'. Excellent build!! :)
I think having Peach in browser will keep me more active than i have been previously in the phone app alone. Couple of issues with my friend feed being a little buggy and doesn't always load and the extension has crashed a couple of times trying to add friends from explore, but neither of those are deal breakers as long as the notifications remind me to go to my phone. (Chrome Version 47.0.2526.111)
@pinksad Hi Tyler, thanks for letting me know :) Can you confirm this does not happen when using ? This is the base app loaded in the extension, the extension is quite dumb on itself.
@oelmekki I think the issue with adding friends from the extension is the popup box asking for the friend name loading, immediately closing both that popup and the extension itself. As for the "home" feed, I have one post that shows up after i marked a friend as a favorite, does this area only show posts from favorited friends?
@pinksad Oh, I see, the alert / confirm / prompt boxes. It displays nice on my ubuntu, but this is OS specific. I think I can do something about it by just overriding them. The home page being blank most of the time is the default behavior of Nectarine: it shows only new/unread posts (I don't have any iOS device, so I can't confirm that: is it different in the official app?). As I only load Nectarine into the extension, I can't change that, sorry (but you can ask it to Nectarine team ;) )
@oelmekki @pinksad I'll probably swap out the native prompt dialog for a proper inline one soon, it was a super quickfix sort of thing when I realized there was no way to add friends by username.
@_developit @pinksad I'm not sure if it would be a good move: native alert boxes feel so good on mobile, and I guess desktop users can live with them. On the contrary, making a proper custom modal on mobile can be quite annoying.