Nebula Alarm Clock

Grow stars while you sleep and fight the urge to hit snooze.

Every night you grow a star little by little while you sleep. When your alarm goes off in the morning you'll wake up to a brand new star, ready for you to collect. You have to hurry though, if you don't collect your star in time by completing a challenge, it will explode, destroying your night's work.

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Well, these are hilarious:
@joshuapinter I didn't think anyone would ever notice those :)
@joshuapinter @rocketsloth OMG 😆😂🤓 .. those ARE hilarious.
I discovered this app and instantly fell in love. A feature-rich alarm clock app that gamifies the experience by growing stars while you sleep and as long as you don't oversleep you get to build constellations and fill up the night sky. One of the best alarm clock concepts I have seen. Great app, 11/10!
@ianissoawesome That's really nice of you Ian, thanks a lot! Especially the last sentence because it sounds a lot like something my mom would say :)
Absolutely fabulous! I will recommend for sure! :)
@danie_nis thank you, really glad you like it!
Thanks so much for posting this, Ian :)
Great work, Alex! I've been using it for the last few days and have been loving it. Would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs a little extra motivation to get out of bed in the morning :)
@justinonthelam Much appreciated, Justin! Means a lot that you'd recommend it :)