Nebia Spa Shower 2.0

Re-inventing the way people experience water

#2 Product of the DayOctober 26, 2019
Featuring brand new proprietary spray nozzles, which have been re-engineered for optimal warmth, rinsing, & body coverage. The nozzles are perfectly positioned to maximize the water that comes into contact with your skin leaving it more hydrated and refreshed.
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499 dollars?
@scouech it's a luxury product, but it also offers a unique experience with an environmental angle. I've used it and quite like it; it has a high price point but you're also more like to use this product every day, so costs less per day than other gear you might consider buying.
I backed this during their kickstarter and just got it installed. We absolutely love it! We were afraid the “mist” wouldn’t be enough water to cleanly wash shampoo from hair and the water would be too cold. Fortunately we were wrong on both fronts! Great shower experience that feels luxurious and saving nearly 1/2 the water due to the reduced flow rate.
@trevin are you using 1.0 or 2.0?
@trevin So happy to hear this! We worked hard to address all of the key points of feedback from Nebia 1.0. Means a lot when we hear from the field that it is noticed.
@pwints28 My biggest gripe is the inability to turn off the main shower head and only use the wand. This is crucial if you have little kids!
@trevin We hear you, we know how important that is! Thanks for sharing though. Unfortunately, there are some unexpectedly difficult regulatory and mechanical challenges. The trade-off was either just have the overhead or side-on (not both at the same time) OR have the ability to have both on simultaneously (but never just wand). We ended up choosing the latter because we thought it was the better overall choice.
Makers need to manage stress, and a nice hot spa shower seems like a great way to do that. Adding to my shopping list!
@tela Happy to hear that. :)
This came out in February of this year. Hasn't this already been posted to producthunt?
@xponential yeah I was thinking that also
@xponential We launched on Kickstarter in February. Just finished shipping all of our pre-orders to North America and launched live shipping.
Wow, feature wise seems really impressive. The price point is very high though. I hope that they jump into the "popular without compromises" trend that has been going on lately. Things like we see on phones that are not fully featured but are priced competitively without compromising a good experience instead of aiming for a luxury market. That would even be a bigger win for the planet. Anyways, great product. Good luck guys.
@gary_torres good idea. Stay tuned, we are working on something like this. :)