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How does the nebia affect the genius ideas i come up with during the shower? I know @rrhoover is very curious too. Highest priority in a shower, personally.
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@eriktorenberg Absolutely the HIGHEST priority. I assume that it's a stellar idea that SHOULD be implemented if it comes to me in the shower 😏
Nebia is in the Summer 2015 batch of Y Combinator. The founders had over 500 people at Google, Apple, Equinox and YC test their water saving shower -- and they took the feedback from their early users and built something that is both beautifully designed and incredible feeling.
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i think it's great but am i the only one who thinks 299 USD is way over priced? Also how is this not going to be copied all over?
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@ourielohayon It doesn't seem super expensive to me. Definitely a higher end product, but there are plenty of comparable priced shower heads out there. If this truly provides the experience they say it does, a 5 star experience, that actually uses way less water and feels as good or better than most shower heads out there, then I don't see a problem with the price. I am excited to try this out!
@ourielohayon If it saves people money it is well worth the investment. This is especially true for gyms, hotels, and other entities that incur substantial water heating costs. On top of that there is the intrinsic value associated with being less wasteful and helping to conserve water.
@calc @ourielohayon you need to have a lot of water to save 300 USD of money
@ourielohayon They have a calculator on their site (which, admittedly, isn't an unbiased source). Taking one five-minute shower per day in NYC would save someone $63 per year (gas heating) / $163 (electric heating). Whether they're copied and sold at a cheaper price is another matter.
@calc @ourielohayon this is probably true (or close). My problem is that shower water saving is not something that is a needle mover (a drop in water?). Fixing the water saving issue has to be addressed where it really is: parks, golfs, pools, ...that being said it looks like a great product and if it was reasonably priced (99/150 USD range) it would probably be a big(ger) hit
This looks absolutely awesome. I've wanted a smarter shower head for a while, especially one that is easy to "pause" while getting soap or something like that, without losing the temperature setting. Is that included in Nebia's design, @pwints28 @gparisiamon? Also,
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@lachlanjc Hahaha, I love this video! The pause feature is something that we are strongly considering for the final version. It's good to hear that it is requested.
@pwints28 @lachlanjc I love the pause feature of Japanese showers. The savings from not using water when you don't really need it are huge!
I bet I can order a container of these from alibaba before the kickstarter is complete. not a bad thing, but just hard to compete at their price point when its a commodity that will def get copied.