Nebia Shower

Better shower, 70% less water

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Kat Manalac
@katmanalac · Partner, Y Combinator
Nebia is in the Summer 2015 batch of Y Combinator. The founders had over 500 people at Google, Apple, Equinox and YC test their water saving shower -- and they took the feedback from their early users and built something that is both beautifully designed and incredible feeling.
Erik Torenberg
@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
How does the nebia affect the genius ideas i come up with during the shower? I know @rrhoover is very curious too. Highest priority in a shower, personally.
Ouriel Ohayon
@ourielohayon · appsfire, CEO/ isai (VC) co-founder
i think it's great but am i the only one who thinks 299 USD is way over priced? Also how is this not going to be copied all over?
Lachlan Campbell
@lachlanjc · Code, apps, design, high school.
This looks absolutely awesome. I've wanted a smarter shower head for a while, especially one that is easy to "pause" while getting soap or something like that, without losing the temperature setting. Is that included in Nebia's design, @pwints28 @gparisiamon? Also, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyZ41rgC07o.
Sean Wiese
@dswiese · Hustling @portland_food_events
I bet I can order a container of these from alibaba before the kickstarter is complete. not a bad thing, but just hard to compete at their price point when its a commodity that will def get copied.