Effective agile retrospectives for everyone 🀘

Neatro helps your team grow with a selection of effective and industry-proven retrospectives. Whether you're leading a remote or in-person retrospective, pick the activity that matches your team's context. Create action items and assign owners in realtime.
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Hello Product Hunt, Neatro was born to help you animate agile retrospectives in a team's development context. We want you to never lose sight of what has been done and what's the next item to do. πŸ“š Pick the right activity We released the first version of Neatro with 6 retrospective activities and we are planning on adding exercises on a regular basis. πŸ“¨ Invite team members Easily invite your team members by sharing a link via your preferred communication tool. ✍️ Collect, aggregate and vote Keep control during every step of your agile activity, from the Collect step to the end of your meeting. πŸ‘₯ Create an action plan Create action items and assign owners in a blink of an eye. Make your team accountable for their development and let them change their action items' lifecycle. πŸ“„ Automated reports Automatically generated reports are accessible at all times from the dashboard for every member. We are working on features like multi-teams, due date for action items, and a couple of exciting things I will tell you in another post! Hope you will try the app and give us some feedback.
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Super cool! Why don't you consider posting on
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@hrishikesh1990 Hi! I didn't know about www I will definitely take a look. Thank you!
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Seems nice :) I register myself for the beta; hope I can try it soon
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Looks awesome. registered for beta :)
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@mikedane7 Eagerly waiting for your feedback! Hope you'll like the app.