Neato Robotics

The smartest most powerful robotic vacuum

  • Saurabh Palan (iRoboticist)
    Saurabh Palan (iRoboticist)PM | Autonomous Driving, AI & Robotics

    Cleaning, Suction, Navigation


    (old version) Battery life , UI

    I have the 1st Gen XV11 and it still works great. The lidar based navigation and power suction does better cleaning than my Dyson V6. We used it in our rental apartment before we vacated it and the landlord thought we had got professional cleaners to shampoo the carpet. Works great on hardwood floors as well.

    Saurabh Palan (iRoboticist) has used this product for one year.
  • San Mc Dillon
    San Mc DillonDigital Marketing, Onata

    Neato Robotics Makes Cleaning Easy With Automatic


    There isn’t a wireless remote control for the Neato

    Sorry nothing to say more

    San Mc Dillon has never used this product.
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