Instantly jot down a note in Notifications Center for iOS 8

#4 Product of the DayNovember 05, 2014
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You don't even need to unlock your phone and open an app. Very slick. This might replace Noto, a simple app for emailing yourself.
@rrhoover Thanks for your feedback.
Hi. I'm from of Neato team. I'm here to answer your questions.
@coybit Great job guys, excellent usage of the notifications in iOS 8. Are the 'send to' customizable and if so, to what extent?
@coybit Hi! How you did it to let people write in the Today View? For what I know, that's not possible, right?
@enricenrich @coybit Looks like they've created their own keyboard for the extension if I'm not mistaken. :)
@coybit Does it save to the native notes app?
@davidchase03 Not now. The solution is little tricky and we are not sure Apple approves it.
As a fan of Noto (and Captio before that) I really really love this concept, but finding the keyboard to be super laggy/inaccurate. Just me?
@kaz You are right. The keyboard is not perfect now. But it will be. Thanks for your feedback.
@coybit looking forward to it!
Ugh. I was SO excited to download this app, then I discovered that Apple has forced them out of the App Store. Not cool.
I love how this can send straight to Evernote. This is great for lazy people like me, because I never bother to open it up. Usually I just take my notes in Notes because it's quicker.
@lil_tea great to see that there is an Evernote integration.
@trieloff @lil_tea We are so lazy too. Thanks for your feedback.