Discover people via chatting, not swiping (Speed+Blind Date)

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These guys are one of the few standout success of the Messenger platform to date... owing to understanding their audience, market, and core user behaviors.
Thanks @chrismessina for hunting us :) ------------------- Whats NearGroup: Speed + Blind Dating Bot? Instead of swiping images (left or right), instantly private-chat with users nearby (based on your preferences & our algo) However TWIST is: if you enjoy chatting then only disclose your image & profile; else discontinue & move to next :) We are trying to move body-shopping out of dating industry. Try us out here: ------------------- What's Traction? We have 670,000+ users in Asia (Philippines, Vietnam, India, Indonesia) - In Oct-16 we exchanged: 50,000 msgs per day - In Jan-17 we exchanged: 200,000 msgs per day - In Mar-17 we exchanged: 2.7 million msgs per day - Currently we exchanging: 4.5 million msgs per day - Plus our DAU uses NearGroup for avg 54 mins daily ------------------ Dating Industry problems 1. A lot of time wastage According to tinder stats: it take 1000 swipes to get 16 matches, and for those 16 matches only 3 actually end up chatting. 2. Images are bad judging criteria According to a survey by OkCupid: an avg women thinks that 80% men are unattractive! But those 80% men also get married (or have girlfriends), as thankfully women judge men on other criteria too like Intelligence, humour, boldness, etc, etc 3. Image Disappointment Most common tinder-date disappointment is he/she didn't look the same. Dating has become game of body-shopping, hence everyone is editing or filtering their pictures to make them look much better than actuality ------------------ How does NearGroup help? 1. Instant gratification Within few mins you start chatting with your match 2. 15 mins Conversation = at least new friendship. If you speak to someone for 15-mins and later you saw their average profile picture, you would still want to be friends with that person (you may or may not want to date them) 3. Hidden Profiles In many developing countries, being on tinder can get you in trouble. However at NearGroup its girls prerogative to choose whom she wishes to display her identity. Same is with LGBT community, 15% of NearGroup chats are LGBT driven ------------------ Why time for NearGroup Idea has come now? Chatbot is a recent phenomena. And NearGroup is able to use it to maximum capabilities. If we are not able to find your match. As an app you would have uninstalled it. But as a chatbot, we are not eating any real-estate of your mobile phone. Hence even after 2 months, we can still notify you about your newly-found match and get you back with 50% probability, which on app would be less than 5% ------------------- Thanks for reading our long description, if in case you have reached till here ;) We are always reachable at
@prashant_pitti Although I no longer have a use for this, I think this is a great concept! It's a brilliant approach to dating/matching in an increasingly rapid-fire/superficial world.
@kevinbryantlou appreciate your words! Plus by keeping profile discreet in the beginning, many women & LGBT community in Asia feel at ease on NearGroup Dating bot
@prashant_pitti @chrismessina @neargroup Huge use base in S and SE Asia, is it because the compatibility with LINE?
@bluemonk482 @chrismessina @neargroup Thanks for asking, however we are yet to launch on LINE
@prashant_pitti @chrismessina @neargroup Ok thanks, then may I ask which Messenger platform does your user traction come from in Asia? I thought majority of them use LINE, WeChat, Whatsapp or Kakao depending on the region, not FB messenger..
Looks good guys. 4.5M msg a day is HUGE!!!!
@gregg_thatcher thanks! We are hoping that this growth continues :)
Such an interesting idea!
Good luck, guys!