A chat module generating leads & traffic to your website.

With Neareo you can create and deploy Automated Chat Modules on your website.

✅ Increase your leads acquisition by up to 40%!

✅ Engage customers promptly.

✅ Create email alerts for qualified leads to the right sales agent.

✅ Help visitors find the right page or products.

✅ Create specific chats per page.

✅ Collect visitor infos and stats.

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Jerome Corbiau
Co-founder, Neareo.
Hi Hunters! I’m Jerome, one of the makers of Neareo. Conversational marketing has been quite the buzzword recently, huh? It makes it easier to answer questions in real-time - which improves lead generation and sales. After almost 2 years of hard work and testing, we are ready to introduce chat modules for websites that take advantage of the power of one on one conversations to grow your business. We’re not doing live chats like many others. We believe that automation is key to your success. You don’t need a real person to assist visitors, ask questions and collect information. You don’t need to keep agents active 24 hours a day. And to be honest, some people just don’t want to engage with real agents. In just a few questions, our chat modules will be able to: ✅ Browse visitors across a site or networks of sites ✅ Find the right product or information ✅ Answer most of your FAQ and support questions ✅ Collect information that lets you build a sales pipeline full of qualified leads ✅ Offer better customer service and a superior buying experience ✅ Address a pain point in natural language - which would be impossible if visitors were just filling out a form ✅ Improve your sales cycle ✅ Improve chat flows with stats and conversation Analytics -------- Shops We also address the same needs with physical locations. Although these modules are not totally ready as of today, our aim is also to provide to real-world shops tools that: ✅ Create a drive-to-store effect with Geolocated incentives (location-based contests, coupons) ✅ Improve visibility on social networks by automating media creation and gamification ✅ Provide location-intelligence data points and analytics. ✅ Merge online and offline marketing -------- Offer Neareo works on the freemium model, like Slack or Dropbox, with a free plan. This plan gives you literally hundreds of free interactions with visitors, every month. You can also create unlimited chat modules for all your pages.
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