Near Lock 4.0

The best Mac lock/unlock app with impressive new features

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Nick Parsons
Developer Evangelism @
Android support?
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Whats the difference from MacID?
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Impressive new update of the already superb Near Lock. Whoever thinks Apple does a good job at automatically unlocking your Mac with the  Watch should take a look at this. It's brilliant. Words can not describe the power of this app. And with version 4 it's better than ever. No knocking on iPhones or watches, though you can set it to do so. This is auto-lock & unlock by walking away or entering the work area where your Mac is. It automatically pauses and resumes your iTunes in case you were listening to music. And it can automatically fill-in your password whenever your Mac needs your authorization. It's amazing. I can go on for hours here, but grab the free trial version and experience it yourself. And be amazed at the excellent new features that are too numerous to mention.
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Andreas Duess
CCO, Nourish Food Marketing
Been using Near Lock since it came out - it really is a great product.
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Vlad Arbatov
Automotive and Navigation @ Mapbox
Using stock photos with something that is not a mac probably is not the best idea for the mac app.
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