Near Lock

A new way to lock your Mac. Just walk away.

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Anyone have experience with this or similar MacBook-locking apps like this weekend's hunted product, KeyTouch? TBH, typing my password isn't that big of a deal for me.
@rrhoover I agree. I don't really see this as a huge problem to solve. Is it cool? Yes. Zero to One? No.
How is this on battery life? I feel battery life is such a commodity that I would rather "be hassled" (not much of a hassle) with typing my password versus lose a precious few percentage points. I feel like any app that requires constant running in the background (or foreground for non pro users) should put effect on battery life front stage and center.
Near Lock uses the new Bluetooth Low Energy and doesn't drain your battery. The app is also optimized to preserve energy where possible. You can also use the FREE version to test how your battery is affected. Our own test have shown that the usage is minimal.
Had some trouble setting this up as it messed up my Magic Trackpad and made it jittery and unusable. Looks real pretty though. I keep waiting for Apple to make this part of the OS...maybe with the Apple Watch.
@jameskoole We will definitely test and optimize Near Lock to work with the Magic Trackpad. Thanks for the feedback!
@jameskoole @duvnjak99 Yes, same with me -- and I noticed it connected via Bluetooth to every laptop close by, which seemed suspicious. Why is it doing that?
@duvnjak99 I had a similar issue. Magic Trackpad is now all wonky. Also, is there any way to pair the device to two computers?
@srcasm Support of multiple computers is still not possible but we are working on it. It should be available in one of the next releases.
@duvnjak99 Just an FYI, I had to manually (found a way via activity monitor) quit Near Lock because my Magic Trackpad totally stopped working. Think it's a major issue. For others, Command + Space, type Activity Monitor, press Enter, use the arrow keys to get to Near Lock and then press Command + Alt/Option + Q and then press Enter.
@srcasm thanks for the update! I will set the Magic Trackpad issue as top priority.
@duvnjak99 Thanks! I look forward to the update. Otherwise the product is spot on!