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Cool idea @pkay225 ... suggestion... you could think of having tags under each book so at least at first glance I can see if it's going to be a horror/crime/business book etc.
@bentossell good idea and will roll into phase 2. For now you have to swipe down to get more info on the book (and we are behind in getting the descriptions written). Going to enable user reviews in Phase 2 as well
@pkay225 Neat app! Questions: 1) Where do you pull the data from? Lots of books have different covers etc, do you ever end up with side-by-side comparisons for dif covers/the same title? 2) Do you have any plans to share your data with others? (: 3) Do you take into account books a user has already read? Started but not made it through? Is there any way to take into account current mood vs perennial interests? I would really love an app that knew what was already on my shelf unfinished & could help me make a decision based on my current mood/interests.
@eliservescent 1) We pull the data from the Library of Congress, and the covers via the amazon API. Sometimes we need to hand-manage the covers esp if an iconic cover has been replaced by an inferior reissue. 2) Part of the business plan is to create data dashboards/targetted in-app marketing for publishers, so not exactly share. Also we take the privacy policy very seriously so to potential consumers of the data users are anonymized (unless we choose to do some kind off opt in thing later) 3) We don't on previously read books, and that was a big debate early in the brainstorming for the product. We'd rather have people get right into it than get into a complicated on-boarding process. The cognitive cost of marking a book as "read" is pretty low. (I hope). As to mood/interests that's a good idea, will definitely fold into phase 2 thinking.
@pkay225 @eliservescent Very cool! I'd love to talk to you more about this - look out for my email (:
Love the idea! Wish I could check it out (android user). Just from the screen shots here the UX/UI seems a bit clunky - I think it would make more sense if I had the app in hand.
@eljoshkiss thanks. Android should be coming in a couple of months. The screenshots don't do the UX justice, it's actually pretty easy to use.
@pkay225 Sweet I'm excited I'll keep my eye out for it!
Just got this app. Really cool way to find books. Thank you!