Get creative and make your everyday surroundings spring to life with the Nception app: Create surreal Inception-like videos by choosing from a collection of reality distortion presets and looks – in real time. Or take stunning stills using the same presets combined with an extensive color looks collection. You’ll be surprised how inspiring it is!

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Will there be an android version ?
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@tgerin Absolutely, if Nception gets some momentum on iOS, we'll definitely make an Android version! :)
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@tgerin @bjorn_hoglund and drop some promo codes as soon as the Android version is out. 😊
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@tgerin @bjorn_hoglund PLEASE make an Android version! The videos this produces are mesmerizing! I think I'd get addicted.
We've got some Nception promo codes as well if you guys want to try it out. Just PM me!
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@bjorn_hoglund hi can I have a code please?
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@derek_chan1 Sure thing man! Sent you a PM. :)
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@bjorn_hoglund Hey, can I have one? :)
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@bjorn_hoglund Message sent too, thanks! :)
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@bjorn_hoglund this looks awesome, can i have a code?
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I was sold on this when I saw the YouTube clip -- so many mind boggling images really did remind me of the scene in Inception when Leo DiCaprio's character is showing Ellen Page's character how to bend the world.
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Haha so cool guys.. I can imagine a lot of people finding intuitive ways to bend reality 😂
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This is awesome!
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