Agentless database performance monitoring SaaS.

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Great product! Really enjoying using it. Keep rolling, guys!
Great team, amazing product! I am curious, what databases do you support?
@micrum Hi Michael. For now, we support the main relational databases: Mysql, Oracle, SQL Server, Postgresql, AWS Aurora and Maria DB. But we will support some NoSql soon. MongoDB will be the next!
@antoninocencio wow, looking forward to it!
Congrats on launching! How did the product get its name?
@congermatt Hi Matt! Nazar means "vision" and is an eye-shaped amulet believed to protect against the "evil eye". The idea behind the name is that we provide the vision of what's going on in our customers' databases to protect them against the "bad sql code".
@antoninocencio gotcha! reminds me of this xkcd: