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#3 Product of the DayJuly 24, 2014
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Hey All! I'm Mike, Founder of Naytev. Let me know if you have any questions or comments, I'm happy to help out in any way. Just wanted to share a bit more about Naytev. We are a A/B testing tool for the social media messages going from your site to Facebook and Twitter. For any piece of content, blog/article/product etc, you can create multiple variations of the share message ( picture, title, etc ) and see how each perform. Naytev will automatically learn which one performs best and share that variant the most. Best part: it is one line of javascript to install! Hope you enjoy Naytev and thanks for checking us out!
Hey @eriktorenberg, another Naytev founder here. We have a free plan that supports unlimited sharing and experiments. The paid features (Pro and Enterprise plans) like custom link shortening, custom branding, automatic experiment creation, and Facebook insights integration, are best suited for large brands and high-volume publishers. For smaller sites, you can really get the full experience, free forever.
Very smart, @mbseid, and it also gives marketers an opportunity to experiment with different copy, images, etc. without relying on devs/code deploys. I'd like experiment with this on Product Hunt. What's the backstory, Michael? P.S. the name, Naytev, makes me think of a navigation/GPS product.
@rrhoover Thanks for the kind words :) The backstory is pretty interesting actually. About two years ago, our team first started making a cause marketing platform. Basicly, a user would perform an action on our platform(check in, watch a movie, etc) and a sponsor would make a donation on your behalf which resulted in a social post. We created a feature to optimize the engagement for each of the social posts. That feature eventually became the core of Naytev. After customers kept asking for the social post optimization for all their content, we decided to pivot (4 months ago) and focus on optimizing the social voice of any content. Haven't looked back since, although we still love corporate social responsibility.
Been watching them grow for a while, and seen the power of what A/B testing can do in a social setting. Stop guessing at what share content works - let the machines do it for you. If you have share buttons on your site, you're going to want to give Naytev a try (especially with a starting price of FREE).
@mbseid - seems like a great value-add product. Curious about the business potential here - are you guys raising VC? Also how did you guys settle on that $249 for Pro
@eriktorenberg Thanks! We definitely classify ourselves as a value-add. Our pricing is still being sculpted, but basically Pro is priced based on the value we have been adding to our clients. Compared to paying for clicks via Outbrain or Taboola, Naytev is a much cheaper way to increase traffic while learning valuable insights about your customers/users. We currently have a startup plan ( contact me if your interested ) but we have also been thinking about adding a smaller plan to our options. Still in the works. Also, don't want to say too much regarding VC. Sorry to be vague.