Indoor & outdoor location without beacons, WiFi, or GPS

Navisens is a location platform which doesn’t rely on beacons, WiFi, or GPS. We use the accelerometers & gyroscopes inside smartphones. Works anywhere, no need to install hardware or “fingerprint” the building!

Native SDK for iOS & Android, cloud version coming soon.

Try the cloud version right in your browser, no app download required!

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  • Mederic MorelMédéric Morel, Mapwize

    No fingerprinting, no infrastructure, good accuracy.



    Navysens is a great indoor positioning system. I strongly recommend it.

    Mederic Morel has used this product for one year.


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Hiten ShahHunterPro@hnshah · Crazy Egg, Product Habits & FYI
Navisens is a new mobile SDK that does indoor and outdoor location much better (more accurately) than existing solutions. If you have a mobile app that relies on location to provide features/services to your users, you'll want to check out Navisens SDK ASAP.
Ashod DonikianMaker@ashod1 · Founder & CEO at Navisens
@hnshah thanks for the hunt! I’m excited to share the unique Navisens location platform! The first thing you’ll notice: you can visit our website and instantly try a demo in your browser. No need to download an app or install any hardware or collect data! (browser demo currently iOS only) With most location platforms you usually need to install a lot of hardware (WiFi APs or beacons) and walk around collecting signal fingerprints. Navisens is designed to avoid this as much as possible. I originally started Navisens to track firefighters. Learn more here: As smartphones have continued to advance, location systems haven’t progressed. GPS wasn’t designed with today’s use cases indoors and outdoors in dense city blocks. Cell towers, beacons and WiFi APs weren’t designed for location in the first place and either aren’t accurate and/or require a lot of infrastructure to be installed. Navisens MotionDNA uses the accelerometers and gyroscopes inside your mobile device. All you have to do is integrate our SDK into your iOS or Android app. Navisens Cloud (seen in the web demo) is coming soon as a web API, which means you can provide navigation right inside the browser. Try our web demo and our demo native apps and let me know what you think! If you’re ready to integrate our SDK into your app, check out our tutorial “The Beer Test” designed to get you up and running over a beer or two Looking forward to everyone's feedback! Ashod.
KerryBodle@liquidchickenqq · Founder: Failing Quickly and Often
@ashod1 so adding this SDK will allow me to create location based data without GPS, WIFI, or external references? Cool! How accurate is it, and does it maintain its accuracy over time?
Ashod DonikianMaker@ashod1 · Founder & CEO at Navisens
@liquidchickenqq yes that's correct! Keep in mind we require a reference point to start off with. If you look at the animated gifs we included in this post, image 3 shows one example of setting a manual start point via a UI by asking the user to drop a pin on a map. There are several other options to do this which you can either build yourself or use our SDK plugins. Our plugins currently support using a beacon as a start point, using a POI (Point of Interest) as a start point, and soon will also include using a QR as a start point. Our SDK just requires the start coordinates, so you can really build any method or UI design to do this, we provide the plugins to help you but they're not mandatory to use. If no start coordinates are set, we simply start at (0,0) in a local coordinate frame. Image 4 shows another example where we automatically set a start point (via the system location or GPS). This method works really well, however it requires the user to first start outdoors. Our goal is always to be more accurate than GPS, both indoors and outdoors, and more accurate than infrastructure based systems like beacons or WiFi APs. Our performance is primarily based on the distance you have traveled rather than time, and is generally around 5% of the distance you have traveled. If you use the method in image (4) by letting Navisens manage setting the start position for you automatically, we will also periodically perform continual location updates to make sure that the accuracy is always as low as possible.
Mederic Morel@mederic · Médéric Morel, Mapwize
Navisens is a super cool Indoor Positioning System that works very well. Try it now!
Ashod DonikianMaker@ashod1 · Founder & CEO at Navisens
@mederic thanks Mederic! We're looking forward to continuing to build great products together!
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
great team. what they’re building is very cool
Ashod DonikianMaker@ashod1 · Founder & CEO at Navisens
@_jacksmith thanks for the kind words Jack! We really appreciate it!
Geoff Song@therealpepeg · Founder @
Congrats Ashod! Quick question, we have only a few beacons in a building but it’s not enough for navigating users. Can Navisens integrate with our existing beacons?
Ashod DonikianMaker@ashod1 · Founder & CEO at Navisens
@therealpepeg thanks Geoff! Great question, we sure can integrate with beacons! A recurring issue we see from some of our customers is that they have installed beacons, but not enough to cover the entire floorplan and certainly not enough for navigation (more for just proximity). We actually created a plugin for our SDK called NaviBeacon which helps our customers integrate beacons with Navisens very easily. All you need to do is specify the ID and the location of each beacon, and the NaviBeacon plugin will do the rest! Here are the details: - iOS: - Android:
Geoff Song@therealpepeg · Founder @
@ashod1 thanks. Will check out the links 👍
Madhu@madios24tweets · Senior iOS Engineer
I have been working on the Applications which using beacons for years now, this one seems to be interesting and great. Can't wait to get my hands on Navisens iOS SDK. This one's gonna be game changer in positioning the indoor and outdoor vicinities. Keep up the Great Work.
Ashod DonikianMaker@ashod1 · Founder & CEO at Navisens
@madios24tweets thanks for the great comment Madhu! That's great to hear, please keep us posted on what you come up with and feel free to reach out directly to us if you need any assistance!